The Essentials

Favorite Campsites

Since Troop 412 was formed in 2006, we have camped at many campsites.  A few of them are shown here in wide panoramic format.  It’s difficult to visualize a campsite unless you get the full 360 degree view.  Below are some pictures of those campsites.

Camp Cedars – Central Lake

This is the central lake at Camp Cedars in the fall. It is used for fishing, canoeing and row boating. No swimming except for swamping the canoe. The Troop camped here in September 2008 along with some Webelos that were invited.  The cooling temperatures made it perfect for fishing along the banks of the Camp.  Somewhere in the lake is the legendary turtle named Fred that the Scouts spot every once in a while

Camp Cedars – Hayes

Hayes campsite is one of the larger campsites at Camp Cedars.  It is situated on the south-east side of Camp Cedars, near the lake.  There are about 20 tents at this location

Camp Wakonda

Some campsites have Adirondack style, wooden shelters with benches.  You can find more information about Wakonda on the Mid-America Council website.Wakonda (sometimes spelled Wa-kon-da) is located at the edge of Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue Nebraska. This Boy Scout Camp has been around since the 1960s. It is used for both Cub Scout and Boy Scout activities. Wakonda has several campsites and central lodge.  The trees around the campsite that we stayed for our November 2008 campout provided a great wind block against the bitter cold November winds.

Hormel Park

Hormel Park is in Fremont, Nebraska.  This is a nice city park just south of the city of Freemont and North of the Platte River.  It has a very large clearing in the middle of the park with two fire rings.

Camp Cedars – Armstrong McDonald

This is the Camp Cedars – Armstrong McDonald campsite.  This campsite is near the entrance of Cedars and is near most of the Administrative buildings.  The Troop stayed at this campsite during Summer Camp in 2008.

Camp Cedars – Four Eagles

The campsite is Four Eagles and is located on the north end of Camp Cedars. This site was on a slope as is very evident from the photo. At the end of the week when I got home I had trouble standing on flat ground.  I kept trying to lean uphill!

Tabor Iowa

This is a campsite near Tabor Iowa that the Troop spent the weekend for their Wilderness Survival Campout.  The area is a primative area with abundant wildlife including beavers, deer, coyotes, and many types of water foul.  This panoramic photo is taken near a sandy area close to one of the lakes.  Troop 412 spent the night here in August 2010.  The following night we moved to a more primitive area northwest of the lake away from trails and the roads.