Camp Wakonda 2013

Troop 412 camped at Camp Wakonda in Bellevue, Nebraska for their September 2012 campout. The Troop has been here many times before but this was the first time that we camped at the south end at the Chase campsite. Each Patrol in the Troop cooked some delicious meals including (breakfast) hungry man, burrito breakfast sandwiches, (lunch) rice balls, meatball sandwiches, (dinner)<br>BBQ ribs , fries, pot roast, Ranger Ham Mac &amp; Cheese and<br>Cheesecake . The Troop enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and learn some new games like British Bulldog, Cranes &amp; Crows, Steal the Bacon and Ultimate Capture the Flag. You can see photos from the September 2012 campout<br> in the Photo Gallery.