Mahoney Winter Camp Out

The January camp out for Troop 412 was at Mahoney State Park. Temperatures were pretty cold (5 degrees with the wind chill) but the Troop bundled up and enjoyed their camp out. There was a large turnout for this month’s camp out. They had an opportunity to take the Skating Merit Badge at the Mahoney ice skating rink. Several scouts and adults help the Zamboni clean the ice and tested the theory of how hard ice can be. We were joined by our District Exec Tyler Wisecup however he was a little shy to putting on the skates and chose rather to laugh at other scouts and scouters. He has posted some nice photos that he took of the Troop here . The adult patrol had fun experimenting with new ways to cook chicken and various other food items in a deep fat fryer. You can find photos of the Troop skating and camping at Mahoney here in the Troop Photo Gallery. You can see a short video here . The articles on this page are from Omaha Troop 412 from activities from past years. Click the links below to visit articles from other years.