First Troop Meeting Photos

I found some old photos of Troop 412’s first Troop Meeting! It was held on March 27, 2006 in the church’s multi-purpose room. We’ve since then outgrown the multi-purpose room and now meet in the Lakeview room. See the photos of the meeting here. Mr. Auch was Scoutmaster at the time and we had five Scouts present. There was a Committee Meeting before the Troop Meeting and many of the original leaders were in attendance. Photos are available in the Photo Gallery.

Img2006-03-27 183830


Eagle Court of Honors Billy and Andrew

Billy and Andrew had their Eagle Court of Honors this Spring. This now brings the total number of Scouts to achieve Eagle Rank in Troop 412 to three. The first Scout to earn the rank of Eagle was Josh who earned it in April 2008. Billy had his Eagle Court of Honor on April 17th, Andrew on May 14th. Congratulations Billy & Andrew! Photos for Billy and Andrew’s Eagle Ceremonies are available .