Spring Camporee 201104

412 participated in the Soaring Eagle District Spring Camporee on April 15-16th at Camp Cedars. This was one of those camp outs that showed how the weather in Nebraska can very quickly and unexpectedly. Friday night the Troop battled against 40 mph winds, 33 degree temperatures, and blowing snow while trying to setup their tents. On Saturday afternoon the skies were clear and the temperatures were in the 60’s. Some Scouts and Leaders even had mild sunburns.

The camp out featured an “Iron Patrol Chef” cooking competition. Troop 412’s entry was Dutch oven cooked bratwurst and sauerkraut. Other Patrol competitions at the Camporee were…

Kim’s Kitchen – This tested the patrol’s memory.

Pancake relay – The Patrol had to start a fire, cook a pancake, take it to the syrup station, bring it back to the feeding station for the Patrol Leader to eat. See photo!)

Cook gadgets – This demonstrated the Patrol’s pioneering skills.

Cooking knowledge test – a written test created by a chef for each patrol to complete.

“Toxic Cooking Oil” transport – an exercise in teamwork. Well over 50 Troops participated in this year’s Camporee and tents were spread out as far as the eye could see.

Picture above At 9:00 AM on Saturday April 16th, there was still snow on the ground from the night before. The sun was starting to shine and warm things up. The Troop’s two new green Eureka 5 man tents are in the center of the photo. The “carport” tent was used as a wind block (just to the left of the new tents). Notice the propane tanks and patrol boxes tied to the carport tent to keep it from taking flight from the strong winds.

Above Two hours later at 11:00 AM the snow has melted and the temperature is beginning to rise quickly. Later in the afternoon all of the heavy coats were shed and we experienced some unexpected mild sunburns in the 60 degree temperatures and clear skies. Most of the other Troops at the Camporee were located in the upper right and section of the photo.

All the photos from the April 2011 Spring Camporee at Camp Cedars can be found in the Photo Gallery.


Author: Voodoodriver

I am a mobile disc jockey, planner, master of ceremonies, scouter, and dad in Elkhorn, Nebraska! see also Indianapolis Indiana / Dubuque, Iowa. I believe in love, and the oxford comma.

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