Pack 86 bridging ceremony

The Youngest Cub and the Oldest Scout at Olympia (Leslie McCreadle, aged 8, and the Earl of Meath, aged 80). From: The Jamboree Book, 1920, Boy Scout Association Norman Rockwell’s “Growth of a Leader” Also, during the winter two of the Troop’s Scouts have passed their Eagle Board of Reviews in order to achieve the Eagle Rank. Billy and Andrew are two of the original Scouts that were in the Troop when it started in 2006. They both worked very hard over the last 5 years to earn their Eagle Rank. Their Eagle projects last year involved building improvements for<br>their church and at<br>Camp Luther . This now brings the total number of Scouts to achieve Eagle Rank in Troop 412 to three. The first Scout to earn the rank of Eagle was Josh who earned it in April 2008. Since then Josh has turned 18 and this winter has transitioned in to an adult leadership role as Assistant Scoutmaster The articles on this page are from Omaha Troop 412 from activities from past years. Click the links below to visit articles from other years.


Author: Voodoodriver

I am a mobile disc jockey, planner, master of ceremonies, scouter, and dad in Elkhorn, Nebraska! see also Indianapolis Indiana / Dubuque, Iowa. I believe in love, and the oxford comma.

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