Old Scouts Welcome New Scouts

It’s been several months since this site has been updated with Troop events. I normally post about the happenings of the Troop; whether it’s our monthly camp out, service project or fundraiser. This month instead I’d like to reflect on the changes the Troop has seen this winter. These last few weeks the "old" Scouts of the Troop (Star, Life and Eagle) have been busy welcoming the new Webelos Cub Scouts from local Cub Scout Packs. Scouts from the Troop take part in the crossover or bridging ceremony along with the Scoutmaster. The Webelos and parents are at one side of a small wooden ceremonial bridge and the at the other side the representatives of the Troop are assembled. The Webelos Cub Scout parents remove their old neckerchiefs and the Boy Scouts place their new Troop neckerchiefs on their uniforms. Bridging is an important ceremony for 2nd-year Webelos. It marks their official transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts The Troop has embraced 12 Webelos Cub Scouts in 3 bridging ceremonies from local Packs in the last few weeks. There are a few photos from the


Author: Voodoodriver

I am a mobile disc jockey, planner, master of ceremonies, scouter, and dad in Elkhorn, Nebraska! see also Indianapolis Indiana / Dubuque, Iowa. I believe in love, and the oxford comma.

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