Fall Camporee 2009

The Soaring Eagle Fall Camporee at Little Sioux Scout Ranch theme was “The Revenge of the Pumpkins”. There were six events and competitions at the Fall Camporee on Saturday morning. In the afternoon the Troop spent time on a service project . Troop 412 takes 1st place overall in the weekend’s competition. The Troop finished the canoe race in 1 minute 15 seconds and the fire starting in 1 minute. There were many fun events. There was fishing, Dodge ball, Fire starting without matches, Save the Pumpkins (canoes), Pumpkin Carving, and Pumpkin PiƱata (Lashing). There was even a trebuchet and catapult launching demonstration.<br>Pictures of the camp out can be found here in the Troop Photo Gallery