Hormel Park 200808

The weekend of Aug 22 – 24 the Troop enjoyed a nice camp out at Hormel Park in Freemont. The weather was unseasonably cool for late Summer which made for a enjoyable camp out. The Patrols were brushing up on their basic scout skills so that they assist the Webelos that will join us for a camp out next month. The Scouts participated in 4 different service projects. They cleaned up and rebuilt 2 large fire pits in the clearing of the park. They walked on the main road that circles the park and picked up all trash. A storm earlier in the summer downed some trees on top of the bathrooms in the park blocking the entrance to the bathrooms. The trees were cut up and cleared out from the area. The bathrooms were cleaned. Hormel Park is a city park in south Fremont. Park Ranger Willie dropped in from time to time to check on us and to make sure that we had everything that we needed. There are some pictures of the Troop at the August 2008 camp out in the photo gallery


Author: Voodoodriver

I am a mobile disc jockey, planner, master of ceremonies, scouter, and dad in Elkhorn, Nebraska! see also Indianapolis Indiana / Dubuque, Iowa. I believe in love, and the oxford comma.

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