Camp Luther camp out 200802

The February camp out at Camp Luther was nick named the Troop Freezorie! The Troop returns to Camp Luther since our last visit in fall 2006. This time things were quite a bit more cold. Temperatures where around 20 degrees during the day and single digits during the night. The new Scouts worked on their Totin’ Chip and Fireman’s Chit. All Scouts went on a 1 mile compass course. Even though the temperature was quite cold we had one of the largest groups of Scouts for our monthly camp outs. We had so many Scouts that we almost didn’t have enough vehicles to get them to the campsite. The articles on this page are from Omaha Troop 412 from activities from past years. Click the links below to visit articles from other years.


Author: Voodoodriver

I am a mobile disc jockey, planner, master of ceremonies, scouter, and dad in Elkhorn, Nebraska! see also Indianapolis Indiana / Dubuque, Iowa. I believe in love, and the oxford comma.

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